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Selling Your Home to Investors: Advantages and Benefits The moment you decide you’re selling your home, there are actually several ways you can do it. The first and most common choice is to have it listed with a real estate agent. The second option meanwhile is to sell it directly to a real estate investor. While it can’t be denied that the first option is the one most people are familiar with, it’s also no longer a secret that the second option is getting increasingly popular as well. Well, it’s not really a complete surprise because any seller out there will definitely be intrigued by the prospect of getting cash in return for their house once they deal with a real estate investor. But you should know that there is more to selling your home to an investor than just the fast cash. So, here’s a look at the most sensible reasons in choosing this option: 1 – There’s a possibility of closing the deal in just a day or two. Everyone is aware that the most notable drawback of listing your property in a conventional real estate market is the fact that it normally will take several months or even a year to close the deal. However, should you choose to go with online investors who buy houses with cash, it only means closing the deal wouldn’t take several days.
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2 – You sell your house as-is.
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Aside from a quick closing, another notable benefit of selling your house to an investor is that you don’t need to add some expenses on fixing what needs to be fixed. For a traditional sale, you will be required to fix any damage to your house before anyone gets to be serious in buying it. So, even though you are likely to sell it at a higher price compared to when you sell your house fast to an investor, it really doesn’t make a huge difference because you still will have to spend on the repairs. 3 – You can say goodbye to paying for real estate agent commissions. Lastly, many homeowners finally realized that in selling their home to a direct buyer like a real estate investor, they no longer have to pay for the commission given traditionally to a real estate agent. While you are always given the assurance that the commission you’re paying is just a very little amount when compared to the money you’re getting in a successful sale, in reality, you’re actually paying them 6% or even more in commissions, which roughly translates to a substantial amount. In the end, selling your home to a real estate investor is definitely your smartest option right now, especially if the main reason why you’re selling it in the first place is to get fast cash and avoid the hassle involved in a traditional sale.